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I’ve Put My 5 Year Old to Work :) ha ha

March 22nd, 2010

I am still laughing so hard how funny this is! It is a true story…So let me start at the beginning. My son Dorian, he is 5 years old and as every child, he wants his mothers attention. He gets very upset when I have to work, and I explained to him, that I have to work to make money. He tells me, well mom, money does not come out of the computer, so I explained the best I could how it all works: I work, money comes to the bank, and I go to get the money from the bank…. That was two months ago…So now, let’s fast forward 2 months later!

He seems to be calmed down about me working. After all, money buys all the toys :) However, this weekend we had terrible weather and my kids spent whole weekend at home. So on Sunday he was really bored and causing all kinds of problems. It happens to be that I was testing one way link building software, and I had to manually enter captchas. So he comes over and asks me what I was doing, so I showed him. He says, I can do that too… And I am thinking, well yes you can and it will keep you busy. He knows alphabet and confuses few letters her end there cause of two languages. So I told him what he needed to do, and set next to him to monitor the work… So I was organizing some paperwork and he was adding in captchas. After he gotten good at it, I left the room to do something in the kitchen. And he comes over. I am telling him, you have to finish what you started and he is like…I have to ask you something? Ok…Ask me…. He says: where is my money! Ha ha ha…I could not stop laughing…

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Different Kind of Affiliate Success Story - NO links I promise LOL

February 26th, 2010

I just wanted to share with you a little success, and while I am naming this affiliate success story, you will see that it is partially affiliate and partially out of the box thinking. So let’s get started!

For those of you who know me you also know that I’ve immigrated from Former Yugoslavia in 1997 to US. I was 18 years old at the time, and knew basic very limited English. Most people would think a person like that, without college degree cannot get far, but my experience will prove you wrong. So instead of boring you to death with how it all went for me, let’s fast forward 13 years later!

I have finished college! In the past 13 years, I’ve run a successful 6 figure income business *until real estate crash, I managed to get married (LOL) to a wonderful husband and also have 2 children, Boy and a Girl (What I’ve always wanted!) and for past 3 years I’ve been building a very successful business in “Internet Marketing/affiliate marketing world”!


I have to say it has not been easy. I had months where I would make tons of money, and months where I made only few hundred dollars. And the bottom line was, I was trying to do it all by myself and it was killing me. So I ended up making a very good strategic business move and partnered with my Partner Alex Williams! We both have the same working habits, and are putting into this business 110% of our efforts.

Now, having given you a little background, here is that affiliate success story!

You see, in the online world, it is a completely new world. You end up doing so much and you learn so much. So a few months ago, with the recession and all, I kept on hearing people complain everywhere. But it hurt so much that my close family and friends were getting affected by it. The situation was so bad that 3 of them were out of work and no way to provide for their family.

You are probably thinking, come on Ivana, get them into affiliate marketing. The thing is, I could have gotten them involved in affiliate marketing, but the problem is, they are terrible at writing :), it would take them at least 2-3 months to see some success and the biggest problem is, that not all of them are in US, so getting paid by PayPal would be a huge issue!

So I remember it was Thursday, and I talked to all of them, and I kept on hearing the complaint from all of them, and I knew they really wanted to work and earn their living. They were not begging for money, but for a way to earn. So in 3 days that followed I was thinking, how can I help! They would be too embarrassed if I offered them money and I would really not fix anything by it, I just wanted to find a way for them to earn their living. So I made a plan of starting a service based business where they can earn their keep. You see, they all had enough computer skills to work on the service type business, I just needed to see, what kind would work the best for them!

So by Monday after a discussion with my partner, we started working on Link Dominators Website. Basically a site that provides service for one way links. Of course, they needed training but they were all for it (actually as we were thinking big scale biz, we ended up finding couple of more people). And two weeks later, we had it up and running.

The main reason for this affiliate success story is to understand that there are millions of ways you can make a living online. I never thought about providing this type of service, but by helping 6 people, we have it up and running!

My partner and I are providing ways for others to earn online, and that personally is a great success for me!

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Tips to Get Top Google Ranking For Your Content

February 18th, 2010

I will try to explain few things about how this is all done, so it makes more sense for you to get top google ranking, and why you may not be able to compete with some sites!

First thing you need to do when you select the keywords page is to figure out who are the competiting pages. You do not have millions of them, you really only have the top 10 on that first page. If they all have PR 5 or 6 or 10 and are on the Googles first page, that does not mean you cannot be in there as well, that means it will take you a while to get there.

That is why most people will post their content on social media sites such as squidoo because their PR is high already and you will be able to climb up in serps faster.

Now am I saying do only low competition keywords? Of course not because if a keyword you rank can bring in thousands per month, it is well worth it spending time on geting to top google rankings.

Here are some things you have to do:

Find out how many backlinks you need in order to beat the compeition, and find out exaclty where their one way links are coming from.

You need to pay close attention to the quality of links and even how they are posting anchored text. See also what is their keyword density so you can do the same on your content.

Try to optimize for more than one keyword so you still can get traffic to your site.

Do not build links too fast, but steady and do a mixture of links, from content sites and from high pr Profile pages such as forums.

Link building is actually time consuming and most webmasters will outsource their linkbuilding service to get to top google ranking. While many will stay away from outsourcing, it often really is not too expensive as you can get outsourcing done for .16 cents per link from services such as link dominators.

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Effective Linkbuilding-Inbound Link Building Provider

February 18th, 2010

There are lots of website link developing provider providers and here are the top 3 effective linkbuilding providers I have utilized and have much success with.

I’ve utilized effective linkbuilding link building services called link dominators. For the dollar that seemed like the best investment ever as a single URL would get a single a minimum of 60 links and it would cost fewer than $10 per URL. At the time I purchased it, it very cheap for 10 urls around 600-700 links and they also furnished your with a report. On average it would take me 30 days or more to get those links, and they were able to do it in fewer than a week.

I’ve also used software called senuke. It’s extremely expensive but well worth the cost of this software. Senuke is really a nuke. What would get an regular individual at least 1 week to complete, the senuke can do for you in a lesser amount of than 8 hours. It spins 16+30 version of an article, with a uniqueness of 30% and it submits them to popular web 2.0 sites. It auto generates rss feeds, and social bookmarking. But which is not all, later you produce diverse profiles on distinct websites and individuals profiles give you HIGH pr links.

I’ve utilized just one way link making services such as weblink one particular way, but with them, the only issue I saw was that the report did not show me all on the URL’s and simply because of that I was not happy.

If I was to select any just one of individuals 3, I suggest the web page link dominators, as they did 5 articles for me which each generated 2 web page link, the articles alone would have charge me at the very least $25 dollars. And they supplied the statement, they did all the work and per my ranking it was very effective linkbuilding, and all I had to try and do is send them keywords and URL’s.

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Affiliate Action Plan to Succeed As an Affiliate

December 3rd, 2009

Now you probably heard that affiliate marketing is not hard. Or you’ve tried it and now you think it is hard and you need something like an affiliate action plan to succeed. So here is the simplest method to make it work.

I was just recently told by one person who has been studying affiliate marketing for a year, that he does not have any skills. I really found that hard to believe. So I want you to take a piece of paper and a pen, and write what you are good at! Are there any products that sell in that industry? Books, Softwares, Physical Products, Healthcare, etc! If the answer is yes, that is the niche you will be working with!

Now, go to niche forum and talk to those people, just answer their question, look at the popular threads and look for problem areas. Just an example: In affiliate marketing there are few problem areas: one is finding a niche, another one is building a site, yet another one is getting article traffic, or getting hire conversion rates. So you will be looking for those kind of problems!

Once you know who your niche is, all you really have to do is build a page that solves one of their problems. It can be a landing page or a squeeze page, and it is my personal opinion that building a list is 10 times better to do. So all you do is provide the solution to those people. Either paid or the free.

And when you have your page ready, send targeted traffic from other niche relevant sites to your site. Do any traffic method you feel comfortable with, or a mixture of 2-3 methods. This is bring in the success to you affiliate marketing campaign. And it does not matter if you are building a list, or sending directly to your page, you continue on increasing the traffic every day, and your conversions by split testing.

If you did not know, there is a place called Niche Marketing Camp, which actually gives you Predesigned Niche Campaigns

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My Email Marketing Strategies That Never Fail To Bring Profits

November 26th, 2009

You all know I am a BIG fan of email list building. Anything I do online, any niche I enter, the very first thing I start with is with email marketing strategy, meaning building a list. And not without a reason – it just is the most profitable way to go.

Have you heard people say “the money is in the list?” – it is because list building brings profits. In this article, I am going to share a few email marketing strategies that I suggest every marketer should follow, if they want to make their business profitable, or – more profitable.

First, and this is very important, after choosing your niche and starting building that list, you need to build relationship with those people. Relationship and trust. These things are very important, and they sell. Just think about it – if you are one of my subscribers, you know a lot about me! You know who I am, I tell you my concerns and my happiness! I do this all by sending you emails – heck, you even know that I moved to another country recently! ;)

So build that trust. People like to buy things from people they know and trust. Of course, you also have to make sure the products you promote are of top quality, not just some BS. Because if you recommend some software that has bugs, or poor customer service, all your efforts will go down the drain and people might stop trusting you.

Now, the other thing I see marketers do wrong, is they do not give enough value. You have to over deliver. Your content you give to your subscribers has to be SO GOOD that it would make those people WOW! They have to be so impressed they would actually pay to get that information! And you come to them giving it away for free! Do you think this would help you make sales of your own products later on? It would for sure!

So say you wrote a very good quality ebook and gave your subscribers for free. The next time you make an ebook and sell it for $14 or $27 – they will gladly buy it! Because they will know that every time you send something to them, it is full of value and great information.

Just as a side note – the ebooks, free or paid ones, should solve one or a few of their problems. This is why it is so important to work in a targeted niche - because you know what problems those people have! And you solve them!

These are the email marketing strategies that for sure will have a huge impact on your business.

I would like to also share with you the niche campaign setup I use for every of my campaigns – you can get the report at Niche Marketing Camp. You can set the whole campaign up and get it live on your own, but this would take up to 2 weeks to do. Or, you can use the resources of Niche Marketing Camp, and get 80% of the work already done for you. In this case, you can build a new profitable, autopilot niche campaign in less than 3 days.

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Most Effective Way to Build Targeted Email List

November 25th, 2009

The number one, common mistake with list building is NOT selecting a proper niche market from the get go. You see… in order for you to build targeted email list, you have to start by selecting niche of people first. You need to be able to brand them. Let me give you an example!

Branded Group of People!

Sometimes the best way to understand is to actually to give an example. Ok, lets say you are working with real estate investors. You need to spend some time with them to find out exactly what issues they have. Here are some examples: Getting Deals on Foreclosure properties, or Flipping A Real Estate EVEN in the down turn market. How to Buy foreclosure property with only 10 thousand of dollars. So you “brand them” saying ok, real estate investors in need of solution for “specific problem”!

What kind of a Free Offer to Give!
So what kind of a free offer you can give to them? You should go with something they would normally pay for, something that will solve their problem, and something that will be a no-brainer to opt in for. This means. A very good guide!

Free Offer RULE!
Never, never ever give them a junk offer! This will not help you when building targeted email list. Actually if a person subscribes, and you give them junk, they will unsubscribe. So what ever is the guide, it has to have the detailed solution that actually works.

Now…The very last thing you need to do is drive “targeted traffic” in order to build your targeted email list! You can promote your offer in forums, with article marketing, but just make sure you are only working in the original niche targeted market!

One last thing!
For many people besides selecting a niche market to work in, the nuts and bolts of putting it all together is hard on them.

Because of this, Niche Marketing camp is giving away 19 pages of tutorial on building a targeted email list as well as putting it all on the autopilot!

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How to Make 100% Affiliates Commission - Consistently

November 25th, 2009

Do you think making 100% of affiliate commission is far from the truth? Well, just imagine selling products and collecting all of the profits yourself. Think that’s a lot of work? Well, yes and no. But there is a smart and easy way to do all that, and I will tell you all about it in just a second.
To make 100% affiliate commission every time you sell something, you actually have to become a merchant yourself, and sell your own products. Oh, just don’t be scared by this - it is MUCH easier than you think. Now keep in mind, you can have in your own products links to the 100 % commission payout products, so you end up getting multiple commission really.

To create good, valuable products fast, you can use PLR content. The articles themselves are not always good, but if you combine a few into one, good e-book, you just create your own product. If you work smart, you can actually do that in a day or so.

Now, how to make the money you ask? Easy. All you have to do is build a list of subscribers, and promote your products to them. This works like magic, because by emailing people valuable free information, you are actually building trust and preeminence. This is what makes your sales process a breeze. All you have to do is actually let your subscribers know that you just released a new e-book.

The pricing. You can price your first e-book at $7-$15. This is really not expensive, and anything above that can actually lower your conversions. If you do a good job with your first product, and people really like it, you can sell your second one for $17 or even 27! This is why having a list of subscribers is a very smart way to do Internet Marketing. And the faster you build your list, the more profits you will make.

Make sure though, that before creating a product, you have to do a market research, find out what the people in our niche want, and whether they do have the money to spend. If you need a visual, just read the free eBook that Niche Marketing Camp provides!

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Guaranteed Affiliate Income EVERY Month!

November 20th, 2009

If you want to make a success in this business, base it around having the recurring income!  This will guarantee your affiliate income for sure.  Here is an example!

Find the product that has monthly fee.  This product can be a software, service site, or something such as membership site.

There are plenty of sites that have recurring monthly fee and after all you can create your own, BUT of course you have to invest a little money.

Now the best way to promote these products is by explaining how that product can really help them.  It can be a time saver for doing something, OR if you can help them use one product to provide a service using that product, etc.

The reality is, if you sell 5 products the first month, you make the x commission, however if you if you sell another 5 products next month, you will make 10 commissions, and so forth, so by the end of 12 months you will have 60 sales under you belt at the minimum, maintaining the same sales process you are dealing with right now, and at the end you will have $1200 per month income if the product is selling at just $20/month!

Compared to selling 5 copies of the same ebook at just 20 dollars per month each month you will just have those 5 copies!  and will create you a $100 income!

I am purposely using small numbers here but multiply that by 2 by doubling your marketing efforts and increasing the monthly sales by just 10 sales, and you will be making $2400 per year.

This is the best way to have guaranteed affiliate commissions for sure!

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Outsource Your Backlinking - 60+ Backlinks Really Cheap

November 19th, 2009

I thought I should let you know…my partner and I have few assistants working for us to help with backlinking.

Now we have developed a service system for them, which you can use as well as they have gotten really good at this!

There are 3 packages you can choose from and they range from $25-45 per package!

Over 60% of these links are manually submitted so not ONLY will you rank higher cause of the backlinks, but there is a good change you will get traffic from these links as well!

Package #1 ONLY $25

Set of 3 Keyword Phrases
60 backlinks

Package #2 ONLY $35

Set of 3 Keyword Phrases per each URL
120 backlinks

Package # 3 ONLY $45

Set of 3 Keyword Phrases per each url
180 backlinks

To Get More Information Please Visit the Site


One Common question we have received on this outsoucing backlinks service is actually if these are from link farm! No, NO and NO!! The links come from high traffic blogs, social bookmarking, article back linking and some forum links as well! This will all depend on the niche!

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